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Thomas DeSchutter

Thomas DeSchutter

Thomas DeSchutter, CEO/Financial Strategist. With over two decades of experience in the financial services industry Thomas is committed to all people achieving sustainable wealth and empowering individuals to live their lives in flow. Thomas’ message is meant to assist people with defining and aligning with their values, living a life they love, and achieving prosperity from the inside out.

Thomas is a seasoned financial professional and the author of BLOOM YOUR MONEY, YOUR LIFE  as well as the host of the Voice America radio program, MONEY, MINDSET, AND LOVE which is all about amazing people sharing amazing ideas.

 Some Career Highlights and Fun Facts Include:

  1. Twice the recipient of the 5 Star Professional Award in the area of Wealth Management

  2. Chair of the small business council of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade (2016/17)

  3. Chair of the Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce (2007-2010)

  4. Proud parent of twin girls with his wife, Leslie

  5. Official timekeeper for the men’s and women’s ice & sledge hockey at the 2010 Winter & Paralympic Games

  6. Former musician and twice recognized as Vancouver Best Drummer

  7. Previously worked in the film industry in various roles from actor to assistant director, with notable stars such as Sylvester Stallone, Morgan Freeman, Debbie Reynolds, Tommy Lee Jones, Jack Nicolson and Jessica Alba

  8. Host and Creator of TheBloomLiving Podcast available on iTunes

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