1461:Thom Underwood is a fully qualified and certified Practitioner of Functional Medicine

Thom Underwood

 Thom Underwood-

Thom Underwood: I’m Thom Underwood. I’ve been working as a Health Coach since June of 2014 and specialize in Functional Medicine to create sustainable, long-term and permanent change, for you. Functional Medicine is unique because it addresses the underlying causes of disease and ill health. With this approach, we’ll engage in a unique therapeutic partnership that leads to you achieving your optimal health goals.

Born in Detroit and raised in Middleville, I spent 8 years in the US Navy. Proudly serving our country in this way means I know a lot about the value of service and of doing things right. And these are the values I aim to bring to my clients’ experience.

As a fully qualified and certified Practitioner of Functional Medicine, and as a Graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in March of 2015, I have in-depth knowledge of more than 100 dietary theories so can easily develop the precise approach for you. But this isn’t just all theory. Oh no, I’ve been there! In February 2007 I weighed 282 lbs and had a body fat percentage that was off the charts. I turned this around using the tried and tested methods I now use with my clients.

My dedication to service and doing things the right way, coupled with an extensive knowledge of health and nutrition, personal experience, and a passion for helping others, means you get a Health Coach devoted to lasting real-world results for you.