Tathra Street, the leadership futurist and Entrepreneur Educator! /Ep2841


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Hi, I’m Tathra Street, a leadership futurist. I work with changemakers to advance human evolution. Inner leadership for a better future. On a practical level, this looks like working with people managers and entrepreneurs as a coach, consultant, and facilitator. I’ve worked with lots of people starting businesses or doing a refresh of their existing business, to help them level up.

I work with new managers to build capacity for human-centered leadership. Especially where technical skills are strong and people skills are assumed.

I’m passionate about what practical actions we can take now that will inspire a sense of collective responsibility and desire to shape the future based on what we care about.

My approach is empowerment-based and about skills building for courageous leadership. I’ve been described as a practical visionary who meets people where they’re at.


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