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Tammi Durden-

Tammi L. Durden is a Powerhouse!  Tammi is the CEO and founder of Tammi Durden International LLC, a training and development company. Her absolute passion is empowering professional women to overcome setbacks and propelling them to live their greatest life NOW! Tammi is also the author of “Get Up, Dust Yourself Off And Win!”, an international speaker and Life Mastery Strategist that believes in using her compelling story to inspire women to win in life.

Tammi empowers women globally through hosting and speaking at women conferences, workshops, seminars, personal coaching, book signings, radio shows, and writing articles for the community.

Tammi earned her undergraduate Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting degree from the University of Houston.  In addition, she obtained her Certification in Training and Development from Texas A&M University.  Tammi is also a Certified Recovery Coach with the State of Texas as well as a certified Change Management Professional through the Acuity Institute.  She strongly believes in spiritual, personal and professional growth and development.  Tammi resides in the U.S. (Houston, Texas) with her family and is actively involved in her church and community.

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