1862:Tamara Green, co-founder of Loving Meditations

1862:Tamara Green, co-founder of Loving Meditations

Tamara Green

Tamara Green-

David Dachinger and Tamara Green, LCSW are the co-founders of Loving Meditations.
David is a featured author and Grammy-nominated composer who has scored inspiring music for America’s most celebrated sporting events and television shows. Over 1.5 billion people have heard his music on CBS broadcasts of the Super Bowl, The Masters, and NFL games. David is a survivor of stage IV head, neck, and lymphatic cancer.

Tamara Green is an author, speaker, and trainer, whom Elle magazine referred to as “the soul-centered psychotherapist and meditation facilitator.” Tamara combines her many years of professional training and her life experience as a caregiver to create powerfully effective guided meditations that have helped thousands to achieve peace, love, and well-being.

Together, this married couple has created transformative mindfulness programs that help patients and caregivers to dramatically reduce stress, anxiety, pain, and discomfort throughout their medical ordeal. Check out their website at lovingmeditations.com or contact them at info@lovingmeditations.com.

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We’ve been through the difficult cancer experience and we have not only successfully conquered cancer but also burnout.
Our cancer experience turned out to be such a gift in our lives. Looking back, we are blessed to have had it.
We are successfully working and creating our business together. So many couples that are business partners report how challenging it is. Although we have run into issues for sure, we have found ways to not only work through them but also grew closer in the process.
We would love share our tips and ideas about turning challenges into gifts and working through relationship and business issues with ease.

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