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Tahsha Renee-

Tahsha Renee: This time 3 years ago I was living with someone in Tigard Oregon who I thought was one of my best friends and who turned in to a very emotionally abusive individual. I stayed there until the lease was up and then had decided to move to Medford Oregon to be closer to my Mom. My Mom and I had never had a close loving relationship but for the first 2 months I was there that’s exactly what it was. Everything else that followed was hurtful and unfortunate but having THAT moment in time with her was worth it all. During all this I had lost the job I had due to Panic Attacks and Agorophobia and had to go on unemployment. I took this time to decide to really start my business in Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression and Hypno-Reiki. I had also been informed by a long time child hood friend who had just started opening up that she was a Psychic Medium, that I had the gift of Claircongizance or “clear knowing” and I was to be using that as part of my business and to be helping people. I was taken back by this as I had just thought that I just “got things right” all the time my whole life. I got a Tarot Deck and found that I was spot on for every reading I did for someone.

My mom decided to pay me $3500 to move back to Portland Oregon with only 3 weeks to find a new place. I didn’t have a place to go until about 11pm the night before I was to move. I ended up moving in with a friend from High School that I had not seen since High School ( I was 37 about to turn 38) but we picked up like we had just seen each other yesterday. I spent half the week on her couch and then other half in her bed while she was away at her Boyfriends. I stayed there for 2 months while I found a job. I did finally and moved closer to where it would be at. I moved in with 2 girls and the owner of the house. I became close to one of the girls in the house and when she got a Dog the owner said Dog leaves or we do. My friend was “soul” attached to this Dog and instead of watching her leave I chose to leave with her. We found 2 rooms to rent in a house further out. I had once again lost my job due to the Panic Attacks and Agorophobia and was back on Unemployment.

-We stayed there for a couple months when things started to turn of a violent nature with one of the owners towards us and her husband the other owner. On top of this, I had tried once again to get a normal job outside the home but upon trying to do that I found my body completely objecting in the form of uncontrollable rage feelings and crying and then a pretty bad case of vertigo while returning to lunch on my second day of training. I didn’t have the option of unemployment as it had run out. I took a job making $8 and hour from home making sales calls. I was bringing home in one month the amount I was making in 2 weeks at normal jobs I had been at. I was also trying to get more clients for my business as well as I had a weekly free healing radio show called THE LOVE HUB ( now called SPIRIT THERAPY RADIO) that has a guest on of a healing or Psychic nature to help people live on air who call in.

Things got more intense there and then the house went up for sale so we needed to find a place to live. My friend and her Dog found one and I had no idea where i was going to go. I once again didn’t find a place to live until late the night before I had to be out.

I moved into a Woman’s house where she and her teenage Daughter lived and I loved it but then 1 month after being there they decided to move so I had to move again. I ended up moving into a guys house i had dated that summer but only briefly. He didn’t have a room for me so and there was his 3 kids and also a friend of his from his school staying on the couch so he and I shared a bed. We ended up together and it was amazing until it wasn’t 2 months later. He became very emotionally abusing and I was once again facing being homeless. I had become friends with a Woman who had seen my craigslist ad in earlier months ( she needed more $$ than I could pay monthly but after reading who I was on my ad she really felt she was supposed to be friends with me) she had decided that I was unsafe where I was at so she took $200 less a month to put me in her house. Thankfully the day before I moved I got a job paying me $5 more an hour so the following month I was able to pay her what she was asking.

I stayed there until her Mom came to visit and needed the room but not before her Mother emotionally abused me as well and then the Woman I had become close to did to me as well.

While at this woman’s house I was starting to pick up business in clients and the radio show was still going through changes but going none the less.

I found a new place to live but it was in an area I had not been too since my breakdown 10 years earlier. 2 weeks after moving in I realized I was living 5 minutes from where it happened. Coincidence? I think not. I ended up being able to go there and clear the energy and move on from that. I then started asking the universe for a better paying job so I could have my very own place in Downtown Portland where I had always dreampt of living….3 months later BAM! VERY high paying job with more than enough to move there. My business and the radio show have continued to grow as well while being here.

I have been trying to get there to look for a place to live but the panic attacks and agoraphobia have become very intense and I am housebound for 99% of my time here… I was very upset at spirit for not letting me get there to find a place but then found out that one of the reasons why was because there has been very violent riots going on there and I had no idea until a friend told me. It was then obvious to me that spirit and my higher self was keeping me from getting there just yet. I plan on trying again in December to be able to move there in January and that is where I am currently.


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