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Tahira Amir Khan-

As Tahira Amir Khan becomes the third President of Mobile Alliance, she brings a relentless drive for innovation and a spirit of collaboration to his new role.

She joined Mobile Alliance 3 years ago because she saw how clearly how Mobile Alliance supports and empowers the Mobile industry players and the entire ecosystem to work together effectively and spearhead the mobile innovation and business development.

Mobile Alliance is the leading association for Mobile Value Added Services in Singapore. Since Tahira Amir Khan involvement, together with her team, she has grown the membership by triple within a span of 11 months. The Executive Committee who report to her have expanded to a full team of 9, with a credible advisory board from Microsoft, Lenovo, Pacnet and more.

About Mobile Alliance (www.mobilealliance.sg):

The vision of Mobile Alliance is for Singapore to be the Mobile Center of Excellence in the region, and globally for Mobile Value Added Services with globally recognized brand names and a strong international footprint.

It’s mission is to develop Singapore into a vibrant and innovation-driven hub for home-grown mobile content and. application developers, with world-class solutions and global brand names


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