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T Allen Hanes-

Positioning Authority & Media Leverage Professional
T. Allen Hanes & Associates, Media Strategists
Houston, Texas

Would you like to be seen as the authority, positioned as a celebrity, and become the hunted?

T Allen Hanes helps people become an undisputed authority. He teaches people how to become a best-selling author, help them get interviewed by the media, garner celebrity status, and get their phone ringing. He is looking for business owners, authors, speakers, and coaches who want to get the recognition they deserve. Helping them claim their celebrity status.

T. Allen Hanes is the CEO of T. Allen Hanes & Associates. He is also the Vice President of “The Local Marketers Association.” A nonprofit organization; a Retired United States Navy Photographer and Video Producer; international speaker, #1 Best-Selling Author of Simple Online Video Marketing for Business Owners, and The Authority Mindset, BOLD Helping You Unleash The Hero Within, co-authored with Les Brown the number one motivational speaker in the world, Lone Star Media Leaders, Co-Authored with Dr. Joe Vitale star of the movie “The Secret”. He loves teaching entrepreneurs across the globe how they can “Awaken” and claim their authority through publishing and media. He has been featured on CNN, CBS, NBC, FOX and, ABC, as well as in, Forbes and The Miami Herald and Small Business Trend Setters, among other media affiliates. A featured speaker at The Harvard Expert Business Forum hosted by The Harvard Entrepreneur Club, with 65 other industry leaders. T. Allen has a passion for helping entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, speakers, and coaches position themselves as the go-to person in their niche. Often referred to as “Mr. Incredible” he and his team have created over 500+ Best-Selling Authors to date.

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