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Suzanne Henwood

Dr Suzanne Henwood is a Master Trainer and Master Coach of mBraining. One of only two in the world, she is passionate about helping people reconnect to themselves (and to each other) in wise and compassionate ways using the very latest applied neuroscience that enables people to rewire themselves from the inside.

Suzanne started life as a Diagnostic Radiographer in the UK, with a special interest in trauma work. She worked at national level with her professional body and the Department of Health to improve standards for patients, while also looking how to improve the professional competency and safety of workers. Taking on a number of roles, to learn new skills and get greater insight, Suzanne eventually achieved her dream of being in the Professoriate, when she moved to New Zealand in 2008. 

But, as is so often in life, sometimes what we strive for is not really the asnwer. She found herself in a bullying and toxic work environment and saw people really struggling. People who were great at what they do but who were not led, or supported to be the best they can be at work.  So she pulled together a life times work and passion into two companies:

mBraining4Success (mbraining4success.com) is where she teaches people about their mutiple brains and she goes round the world teaching Coaches, Master Coaches and Trainers in the amazing new field of mBIT / mBraining: How to use your multiple brains to do cool stuff. She talks of this being transformational in her own life. She works with individuals and organisations to help them reduce stress, build resilience and enhance psychological safety and she does this under the banner of her second company The Healthy Workplace (the-healthy-workplace.com). 

Suzanne is all about supporting others to be the best they can be – so that they can serve in the world. She passionately believes that we need to find new ways to do life and work for the sake of all of us.




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