999:Susanna Utbult is from Sweden & has studied and practiced feng shui for 18 years


Susanna Utbult-

My name is Susanna Utbult and I´m from Sweden. I have studied and practiced feng shui for 18 years. I´m a feng shui expert, I own and run the Nordic School of Feng Shui where I have taught feng shui to several hundred students since I took over the school in 2010.  I love teaching and helping people to create better homes and better lives. I also design houses for clients who are in the process of building there own home and they just want to get it right (this time).

After being a feng shui expert for many years I have realizedthe home is just one side of the coin for creating a better life. The other side of the coin is YOU. It really doesn´t matter if you have a great home according to feng shui, if you are in a mess internally. You just have to do the work to get the whole coin to shine the way you deserve. It´s your birthright. That´s how I mix feng shui with the teachings of Bob Proctor.


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