1849:Susan Ritchie specialises in helping executives to develop ...

1849:Susan Ritchie specialises in helping executives to develop their leadership presence

Susan Ritchie

Susan Ritchie-

In uncertain times and in an uncertain business environment, we need leaders with a real presence to navigate the new and unknown; Susan Ritchie specialises in helping executives to develop their leadership presence, creating the impact and engagement they need for their organisation to experience continued growth and results.

With a 25-year career in education, training and coaching, Susan’s work addresses five key areas: building a professional identity; emotional self-management; powerful communication; building and maintaining a high profile and creating impact.

Through writing, speaking, coaching and training, Susan creates the conditions necessary to inspire, motivate and lift performance; her style is highly engaging, warm and wise, with a challenging edge that ensures results are at the forefront of any projects she undertakes.

“What Sue does so well is to trigger those areas that I would probably avoid talking about; it’s been a great experience being challenged out of my comfort zone.” Global Health & Safety Director

www. susanritchie.co.uk

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