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  • Susan M Barber is an executive coach, entrepreneur and former corporate senior leader focused on bringing leaders and entrepreneurs out of their hiding places and into the light /Ep2583

Susan M Barber-

Susan M Barber is an executive coach, entrepreneur and former corporate senior leader focused on bringing leaders and entrepreneurs out of their hiding places and into the light. She leverages coaching, leadership development programs, speaking and now through her book to help people see how being visible is easier than they thought and how it can help them reach their potential.

She spent more than two decades building a successful career at Kraft Foods, a Fortune 500 company. There she rose through a variety of leadership positions in sales, supply chain and IT leading teams and managing multimillion-dollar programs.

Now as a coach and leadership consultant, she loves helping leaders and aspiring leaders achieve the outcomes they’re striving for. Her successes include helping clients manage a variety of strategic and operational business challenges, build stronger teams and gain the confidence to take bold chances.  She is an accredited coach by the International Coach Federation and the author of an upcoming book on Leadership Visibility.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

Snippet of Susan‘s previous episode [00:30]
How are you doing? [00:54]
The last time we talked you were an executive coach, how has things evolved? [01:15]
What’s your new book looking at? [01:42]
On the fear of putting yourself out there [02:13]
On the importance of being connected to who we are [03:43]
How have what you’ve been doing impacted your children? [06:14]
You are a connector, are you still doing that? [07:26]
Are you still married? [08:16]
How has being married impacted everything that’s going on? [08:38]
On simplifying things via IT [09:19]
On the conversation with death [10:07]
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [11:43]


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