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Susan Heaton Wright-

Susan Heaton Wright is a former professional opera singer, who uses her experience of the voice and performing, to empower individuals and teams to be effective communicators, using their voices and physical presence. Susan works with clients to ensure they are using their voices and body language to create a presence and to acquire charisma in a variety of business situations. She also works with individual clients who speak English as a Second Language to ensure they are engaging and clear to their audiences when they speak. Susan has appeared on the radio and TV as a vocal expert and regularly contributes to professional publications on vocal communication. Susan is a graduate of Durham University, and has worked throughout UK, in France, Italy, Spain, USA, India, Switzerland and Kenya.
Before pursuing a singing career, Susan was very reluctant to speak in public; she shares the skills she learnt and acquired in her own personal journey from nervous speaker to professional opera singer performing as a soloist in front of 3000 + audience. She is particularly supportive of individuals who do not feel comfortable speaking in front of others, or who get very nervous before speaking.

Susan Heaton Wright has experience of working with clients at very senior and board room levels within multi-national companies, as well as clients who speak English as a second language. As Susan had to speak and sing in foreign languages, she appreciates the particular challenges first hand for these clients. Susan is also an international public speaker, sharing her experience as a communicator.

Endorsements from clients

“Executive Voice was engaged to work with Nikki Walker who had been booked to deliver presentations at major international events, and for onscreen appearances for video streamed meetings. She was already an outstanding and experienced speaker/presenter, and wished to focus on fine tuning her performance. Executive Voice focused on practising the speeches, fine tuning the content, pacing the delivery and ensuring the key messages were clear in the content and delivery. In addition, Executive Voice developed Nikki’s self evaluation skills and performance preparation routines to ensure she performed at the very highest standard. She received the highest score of all presenters at the first conference after Executive Voice was engaged.”
Nikki Walker, Inclusion and Diversity Director, European Markets, CISCO



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Musical Background: ‘TAKE THE CHANCE’ by Nicolai Heidlas

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