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Susan Barber-

Susan Barber is an accomplished executive coach, leadership development facilitator, information technology and consumer goods business leader with 20+ years of success in a Fortune 200 global organization. She discovered how transformational that coaching could be when she hired her own executive coach. She went through a journey of self-discovery to learn about herself and her leadership. Going through coaching helped her to realize that she wanted to become a coach herself and continue her passion of developing leaders and teams.

Now as an International Coach Federation Certified Executive Coach she partners with high-performing, high-achieving leaders to navigate challenges, build confidence, advance their careers, achieve success and reach new possibilities. To be successful, organizations need their people to lead themselves and their teams. Her mission is to help leaders develop their skills to lead their teams with confidence, integrity, authenticity and courage. Leaders of teams can leverage coaching with Susan to help them move from where they are to where they want to be. Susan creates an atmosphere of trust and authenticity during coaching and helps them reflect on their thoughts, beliefs, values and goals. Susan Barber will help them build awareness and hold them accountable to achieve their action plans.

If you could reach new outcomes and possibilities for yourself…Why wouldn’t you consider it? What is holding you back? Working with Susan as your coach could be just the catalyst you need for changing your thinking, your career and your life!

Visit her website at http://susanmbarber.com/

Get her free infographic which will help leaders set themselves up for success with their teams
You will also see more information there on her webinars, group coaching programs and how to work with her for leadership coaching
You can also join her Facebook Group which she created to bring leaders together to support each other, share ideas, information, ask questions and meet new people. Click on this link to join: Creating Leadership Connections


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