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Stephen Hobbs-

Dr. Stephen Hobbs is a grey digital nomad who’s worked on six of seven continents = Antartica in 2018.

He has witnessed where children have not benefited from the shade of trees while learning.

Because of this experience and more, he is creating the Write to Shade program he funds through philanthropic efforts of his business WELLth Movement.

By day, he guides entrepreneurs and executives to evolve delivery of extraordinary experiences in the words of customers and employees.

By night, he co-writes about Awarest – the majestic and magical forest of awareness where Trees Are Educators.

His background includes self-publishing 12 books (and adding), merger and acquisition/workplace culture facilitator, and housesitter

The letters after his name hint at his eco-creation of the well-living world = EdD, MSc, HBOR, BA, DipForestry

Dr. Stephen

Listen another #12minconvo

Musical Background: ‘TAKE THE CHANCE’ by Nicolai Heidlas


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