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Stephen Hobbs-

An eco-creator, entrepreneur, writer, and philanthropist for children and trees.

An educator committed to your development and expression as a natural educator who delivers extraordinary experiences with your community of significance, in their words, on your terms so WE ALL ECO-CREATE THE WELLthy WORLD.    

And he interacts with Wellthers – other inspired practitioners // eco-creators – who share their knowledge and skills through interviews, programs, and experiences with the WELLth Movement.

He has published 15 books, 4 academic level book chapters, magazine articles, and blog posts. He has developed and delivered 500+ workshops and online courses. Recently, he opened Wholversity, WELLth Movement’s Learning and Educating Agora (a public, open space for dialogue & ethical decision making about the well-living workplace, mentoring, tree trekking, and evolving your legacy).


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