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Stefanie LaHart

Stefanie LaHart empowers business owners to build the empire of their dreams. An expert on the art of becoming an entrepreneur in the golden age of social media, Stefanie is the founder of BoomTown Marketing, connecting passion driven businesses with their ideal customers. Helping hundreds of businesses to launch their online presence, Stefanie creates digital conversations that convert to real-world customers.

Stefanie also tours as a speaker, taking to stages across the country to educate the public with better awareness of social media best practices, algorithms, and protection against social engineering. Most recently, she has been on stage sharing her message at Fincon and Podfest Multimedia Expo as well as competing in Social Engineering Capture The Flag competition at DEFCON.

This past year, Stefanie launched The TraDigital Talk Podcast, a show that explores the crossroads between traditional PR and new media digital marketing to help businesses and entrepreneurs make the most of their marketing budget.

Stefanie LaHart believes a healthy mind follows a healthy body. She supports groups that work to end animal cruelty and is a vegan lifestyle advocate. She works out daily and is an avid marathon runner completing over 25 races to date.

Stefanie volunteers to support, Drive By Do Gooders, the Los Angeles based charity that helps people on Skid Row by supplying them with water, food and shelter.

Podcast: The TraDigital Talk Podcast


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