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Daily Motivational & Inspirational Snippets 


How meaningful 
conversations affected me spiritually?



In the allotted quiet time of each day, I have been able to reflect on the seeds  which have been planted and nurtured in each conversation.


The fruits that blossomed has brought spiritual growth. This has affected core areas of my life making me a better person. With these improvements, I am better equipped to serve my fellowmen.




Gaining a clearer vision of what brought peace in my life by listening to the stories of others made a conscious decision to create this in my daily walk. Blessed is the peacemaker.




I firmly believe in treating others the way you would like to be treated. I have experienced kindness in ways innumerable to mention. When kindness is a two-way street, life's challenges are easier to navigate. Be kind! 




When you are doing what you know you were meant to be doing, even within trials, joy can still be found. It creates a sense of purpose. A feeling of contributing to something greater than yourself. 

DON W Armstead Pastor/Missionary

This was a unique experience and opportunity to share my vision.

I’ve gained encouragement from just observing how God is moving in Engel’s life.

He is extremely encouraging in an authentic, non patronizing way.

The mental journey you go on as a guest guided by Engel’s questions is a gift that continues to give to you personally, long after your interview is over.

Doug Lawrence President

This was the second time that I joined Engel for a #12minconvo and it served as a reason for reflection.

There would be no reason today that I could come up with, that would prevent me from having a conversation with Engel. He is inspiring and motivating and I simply cannot refuse that opportunity.

I specifically liked the sharing of my childhood memory with my Grandfather. Sometimes we cannot see the message that lies before us. Engel has a way of helping you to see!

Anytime you can be guided through reflection by someone that is such an inspiration and motivating as Engel it is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

Lorna Blake Speaker & Empowerment Coach

Having been raised in the Caribbean, I had set an intention to share my experiences with a Caribbean podcast host. As soon as I heard Engel's dynamic interviewing style, I knew I had to be a guest on his show!

I love Engel's dynamism & his skillfulness at directing 12 minute interviews. I felt refreshed & inspired by our conversation.

I loved the questions he asks & the amazing insights he shared as we talked. When he said: Let's open up tenacity. It feels as though you walk in tenacity..." I felt understood, affirmed and acknowledged.

Engel is an amazing interviewer. He's brilliant, powerful & makes his guests feel like acknowledged.

Engel is an outstanding interviewer who seems to see into one's soul & is able to pick out the treasures within... To be a guest on his podcast makes you feel like you're talking to an old friend who is authentic, compassionate & connected. He offers a rare gift that so few people can offer in a noisy world where it feels like many are too busy to care.


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