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Sonny Tannan

Sonny Tannan-


Sonny Tannan: As a LinkedIn Video content creator, I’ve found that simplicity is best. Here are 3 key areas that I have helped bring clarity to others:

 Focus – Personalize the strategy & align solutions to accelerate growth
 Collaborate – Innovate with the right people & grow together in the journey
 Inspire – Support development of others & enhance vision into reality

My passion is to help bring out the best in others. With over a decade of experience in Business Development, leading U.S. Marines & traveling the world, I have discovered that we can all maximize our potential by humanizing our brand messaging.

If you are uncertain about what comes next, feel that you are underachieving and aspire for change, let’s connect. I want to help you find your success. It’s as easy as starting with a conversation…


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