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Simon Jordan- 

Simon has over 25 years working in marketing and advertising with some of the World’s top brands such as Nike, Coca Cola, Porsche, Sky TV and Wilkinson Sword to name only a few. He has also run and owned 2 design companies and been a creative director for a London Advertising Agency.

He is also an international keynote speaker offering business and marketing advice with a good chunk of motivation and humour thrown in.

Simon is also a coach, mentor and branding and design consultant working with coaches and consultants from all over the globe, helping them to build profitable and powerful brands that really shine and make a difference in the world.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

How are you doing? [00:53]
Are you still doing the podcast One Planet One Place? [01:05]
On helping people [03:22]
How have you internalized that process of learning and how’s what you’ve been doing impacted your children? [05:01]
On being confident and impacting many people [09:28]
In closing, is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [11:51]

Contact Simon:

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