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Sheyenne Kreamer-

Sheyenne Kreamer: Since June of 2001, Sheyenne Kreamer has combined her past experiences in project management, recruiting and consulting with her passion for helping local economies grow through small business.  Triangle Solutions Alliance, a virtual consulting, training and coaching company, is designed to assist individuals, entrepreneurs, non-profits and small businesses to expand their enterprise, increase their productivity and promote wellness of their organizations, employees and selves.

TSAI’s focus is on helping people at all levels of society “Live Their Song”. Sheyenne uses the phrase “Community & Economic Development Corporation” to describe the integrated system called TSAI.  She believes that we are all “born with a song in our heart” for creating a unique gift to the world.  The key to creating peace & prosperity in the world we live in requires each of us to find that unique passion, purpose & gift, learn how to package it as a product or service, and then find others with a similar passion & purpose for group collaboration and implementation.

With these lofty goals in mind, Sheyenne has created a variety of classes, coaching programs, and apprenticeship programs to become a one-stop resource for products and services to help individuals and groups implement their vision.  Our “stepping stones for success” methodologies allow us to work with people from 8 to 80, no matter what their current income situation is.

Sheyenne’s qualifications for this work include 12 years in manufacturing/project management, 6 years in recruiting & staffing, 17 years in career transition services which include both job search & entrepreneurial strategies.

She has taught classes at UNC-Greensboro, ECPI and The Friday Center at UNC-CH on “Sales & Marketing for Entrepreneurs & Consultants”, has conducted young entrepreneur summer camps, and continues to teach entrepreneurial skills at Wake Technical Community College.  Her students at Wake Tech have included formerly incarcerated people and homeless women.

My website is SheyenneKreamer.com

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