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  • Sherri Simmons is the Founder and President of Young Ladies At All Times, NFP (Y.L.A.A.T.), a Mentoring Program for Young Girls /Ep2305

Sherri Simmons

Sherri Simmons is a wife and a mother to her beagle K.B.   She is the oldest of four children (two sisters and one brother) and the aunt to three nephews.  She has been an educator in the Chicago Public Schools for 13 years, where she has taught 3rd, 1st, Intermediate Math, served as an Assistant Principal and is currently working as a STEM Integration Specialist.  She is also the Founder and President of Young Ladies At All Times, NFP (Y.L.A.A.T.), a mentoring program for young girls.  She began writing Underneath the Hat in 2013 after her separation from her first husband.  The book served as therapy for her to get through the ordeal.  She hopes that others will be helped as they learn through her journey of rediscovering who she is by revealing what’s Underneath the Hat.

Social media:
@underneaththehat (Facebook and Instagram)
Website: sherrisimmons.com 

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