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Sherell Brown-

Sherell Brown is a category Creator in the Health and Wellness arena. Combining a mix of both professional skills and personal experiences that produces results. Sherell has worked with persons from all walks of life helping them to achieve their personal goals. Ultimately Creating a better quality of life. She is the C.E.O of Sherell Brown Health Concierge Services, the Publisher of “L.O.S.E.” Health 8 Wellness Magazine, best selling Author and the Author of The Blueprint To Weight Loss The Truth Revealed. She has spearheaded campaigns such as “The Bra Out” a fundraiser design to bring awareness to Breast Cancer in the Island of Abaco, Bahamas, where she also held Aerobic Sessions and Went on to launch other campaigns such as “Team No Rolls” and “Lose with Me” She is a sought after Radio Personality. She is the founder of The War Against Obesity. The Cause, where she is teaching people how to eat to live and

She has consulted andmotivated thousands of people across the World transforming lives. When speaking with Sherett she will tell you her favorite part of the transformation process Sthe Smile “When the Cliam Ond Within arn individual is unearthed and what they knew was always on the inside is nowglistening on the outside”. Most importantly Sherell provides education and tools to help ensure the success of your journey she is dedicated her Life to helping other become healthier while teaching them how to reprogram their minds towards food and how you can reset your metabolism. No matter where you are in your health and Wellness journey she is there to help you. She also offers Limited personal Coaching and consulting. Sherell presently lives in Murfreesboro, TN. With her husband Desmond Brown and her two children young Master Seth and Princess Grace BrOWn. With her love for the Lord and her relentless passion, she is ready to serve you.

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