1841:Sheila Steinmark is the Managing Partner of Marketing ...

1841:Sheila Steinmark is the Managing Partner of Marketing Operations Group, LLC (MOG)

Sheila Steinmark

Sheila Steinmark-

Sheila Steinmark is the Managing Partner of Marketing Operations Group, LLC (MOG) an experiential and alternative marketing company focused on operations and logistics to increase consumer interactions.  Leading a team of marketing operations experts who come from many disciplines and industries to provide experience, best practices and solutions. MOG is changing the marketing industry one program at a time. Working with brands, agencies and start-ups allows them to gain desired reach by optimizing limited resources using non-traditional and experiential marketing.

Sheila has produced complex and highly recognized marketing initiatives from development through implementation. With almost 25 years in the agency arena, she has positioned her clients as global leaders by driving sales with creative and operational teams and building key relationships that support corporate goals.

Sheila is a retired-Army veteran with a unique skill set in operations, logistics, leadership, and problem solving. Her combination of operational and management skills have allowed her to repurpose them to drive large-scale event marketing programs, product sampling, social media, pop-up retail, trade shows, and brand building that exceed business objectives.

As a certified Zig Ziglar Motivational Speaker and marketing expert, Sheila works with marketers, business owners and executive to create one-of-a-kind presentations geared towards your unique objectives. No two presentations are the same because your goals and event needs don’t fall into a “one size, fits all” model.

Whether you want to refocus on personal development goals, drastically overhaul your marketing strategy or something in between, you’ve come to the right place.

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