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Sharesz T. Wilkinson- 

S.T. Wilkinson is the author of the upcoming book ‘Obstacle Buster ™ – How To Create Big & Bold Shifts For Lifelong Success.’
A creative motivator, breakthrough strategist and excellence coach, she receives outstanding international references from top-level professionals.

She facilitates breakthroughs for companies and people, often in very prominent positions, achieving instant trust, open communication and tangible results in a very short period of time.

Having been to over 45 countries, S.T. Wilkinson worked with people from all over the world with diverse cultural backgrounds, languages, mindsets and religions, being an outstanding multicultural and multilingual networker and entrepreneur mentored by top-level experts from the UK and the USA.

S.T. Wilkinson’s extensive charity work over the years was appreciated and she was honored as a ‘Humanitarian Fellow’ by Rotary. She strives to contribute value wherever she goes, leaving a legacy behind.

Her own incredible life story, having overcome countless hardships herself, has inspired many and she believes that life is incredibly rich, colorful and beautiful if we allow it to be by overcoming our obstacles, challenges and limitations. She is a living testimonial to that.

She is a recognized speaker at various conventions and a welcome guest at high profile events.

She was recently on stage as an author at the National Achiever’s Congress 2016 in Malaysia, live interviewed at the ‘2016 Women’s Business Virtual Summit’ and a guest in ‘Never Ever Give Up Hope’ with Carol Graham, USA and a speaker in KL at ‘Up your Game 2016’, Singapore.

S.T. Wilkinson is a mentor to various organizations such as The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, UK, WomenWay.org , Switzerland and The Rotary Education Fund BKS in Malaysia. She is a member of LeanIn.org.

She accepts proactive clients who want to create breakthroughs in their life in a very short period of time in areas of business, finance, personal or health.


How are you doing? [00:44]
Tell us more details about the book. [02:00]
Is it different speaking to one audience of one country? [05:07]
Where are you now? [07:28] 
Do you still live by the values you had? [08:05]
Why would you suggest someone do what you’ve done? [10:04]
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [11:02]


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