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Shannon Evans

Shannon Evans-

Shannon Evans is not your run-of-the-mill educator. With more than 17 years as a teacher and coach (middle school, high school, and college) under her belt, she’s worked as an academic and admissions counselor for multiple colleges including University of Maryland, University of Oklahoma, Mississippi State University, East Mississippi Community College, and Utica College.


Shannon Evans holds a Masters of Education in Measurements of Human Learning and Statistics. She conducts workshops for students and parents with her Decision Matrix™. Her passion is helping students develop communication, autonomy, and “adulating” skills that will serve them as they go off to college to explore the opportunities and experiences that await them. 


In 2017 Shannon founded the Scholar Coach Academy to help families understand the college recruiting process for athletes and to teach them to leverage their athletic and academic skills so that they can get in the college that’s best for them with the best financial package possible. She focuses on helping families minimize the possibility of student debt for their child while helping kids pursue their passions.


Shannon Evans is a speaker, workshop leader, and published author and has been featured in Seattle Women’s Magazine, Rotary International, The Huffington Post, and The Commercial Appeal. When she is not speaking, teaching, or presenting workshops, she is hiking, writing, doing Crossfit, or playing music with her best friend and partner, Ian.


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