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Shanelle Calvin-

Shanelle Calvin, is sometimes referred to as the “Catalyst” for her ability to affect cultural shifts in organizations or as the “Energizer” for her coaching skill that brings out the untapped energy and talents in people. Her presentations combine real-life stories, business training, and interactive events that connect with the audience at a personal, intense and individual level.

Shanelle Calvin is the CEO of SC Coaching, LLC where she helps women entrepreneurs save time, money and headaches. SC Coaching, LLC is committed to helping women entrepreneurs earn more by increasing their performance through effective training, communication, digital product creation, and process improvement. She is the Founder of Success U with Coach Shanelle a virtual training academy for women entrepreneurs on the go.

Prior to her opening her business, Shanelle worked as Membership Manager at the American Institute of Architects in Virginia, and earned a reputation as one of the most detailed, thoughtful and patient liaisons in the architectural community. In her 10+ years with AIA Virginia Shanelle helped streamline the association data, create a membership orientation program, strengthen alliances with five local components, and retain over 90% of their members.

In 2010, the architectural community was hit hard. Shanelle and other staff with AIA were furloughed and lost 2 months of paychecks. She hit the ground running and started consulting. This process was isolating and hard to navigate, so she went looking for a tribe of women entrepreneurs for support and connection. Shanelle found a void in the marketplace for networking for and among women that were focused, energetic, and authentic. She founded Empowering Her Events, an events production company that hosted interactive events to empower women to find their voice, communicate their worth, and reach their goals. While there, she produced Build Your Business, a quarterly workshop series that helped women entrepreneurs build business in a down economy.  The workshop series was free and connected women in Virginia with their fellow entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and learn together.

The Building Your Business workshop series led to being a small business correspondent on the radio, and the creation of SC Coaching, LLC. Shanelle is often asked to speak at events on the subjects of: women entrepreneurs, pricing, leadership development and training, process improvement and system implementation, workforce development and team building, client attraction and retention, and relationship building through effective communication.

Shanelle strongly believes that communication and service have the power to support and reshape her community. She volunteers as a President and Area Director for Toastmasters International, on Collections Committee at the Valentine, as a Facilitator for the Divorce Recovery Workshop at First Baptist Church, as the Outreach Team Lead for TEDxRVA, and is also an honorary member of Building Economic Stability Together.


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