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Sarita Pittman

Sarita Pittman: With a vast amount of professional experience in the health and beauty industry that helped her land a place amongst the top 1% of earners in the United States, Sarita is one who believes in the rule of reciprocity- what you desire to receive, you should give.  Not only had she made a footprint in the health and beauty industries, but she is a known trailblazer, success advocate, executive business coach, and professional enthusiast for many well-known thought leaders across various realms. As the Founder of Atiras International Coaching Academy, Mrs. Pittman a champion of people. 
Her ICF accredited program has graduated professional coaches all over the world, including over five continents and led these same graduates to a certain path of success. Sarita is a leading voice to high achievers, thought leaders and visionaries; and she advocates for people to tap into their internal and divine purpose to create wins for themselves using the resources and knowledge already at their disposal.
Accolades & Awards Humanitarian of the Year Community Servant Award Top Salon of Georgia Top Spa of Georgia Titles Board Certified Professional Coach International Business Executive Executive & Leadership Trainer Holistic Health Care Practitioner Motivational Keynote Speaker As seen on Get Coached Up, Essence, Black Enterprise, AVEDA, Atiras International Coaching Academy, HypeHair.com, MIZANI, premiereorlando, Savannah Morning News, WTOC11, WSAV3, WELLA and South Magazine, Speakers Magazine, Money Making Conversations, and Glambitious. 


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