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  • Sarah Jane Ponce helps empower young mothers and children from broken families towards having a positive outlook in life and unlocking their potentials /Ep2393

Sarah Jane Ponce- 

Sarah Jane Ponce is a Financial advisor and Co-Founder of Audiocreatives. Sarah Jane and her husband Edward, has been producing hassle-free podcasting for 4 years. Allowing podcast host to focus on recording episodes and have more time with their business and other things they love.
Although she graduated in Automotive Engineering Technology and studied Management, she finds herself passionate in producing and growing podcast. She helps empower young mothers and children from broken families towards having a positive outlook in life, unlocking their potentials and promoting self-love.


What’s new? [01:05]
How’s being a good mother? [03:33]
What is your husband’s name? [04:01]
How old are your children now? [04:08]
Are you doing podcast producing still? [04:41]
What’s the best place for someone to go to find how they can access your service? [05:31]
How important it is to be an active mother? [05:53]
Where are you in the world right now? [06:31]
How does it make you feel looking back from now to then? [07:06]
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [08:32]

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