Rui Alves de Sousa is a Podcaster, Voice Actor, Writer, Stand Up Comedian and a Filmmaker /Ep2832


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Rui Alves de Sousa worked with writing, comedy, podcasts, music, movies and television. He wrote about Cinema, Books and Theater on the websites “Espalha-Factos”,  “Máquina de Escrever”, and currently is one of the writers of the online film magazine “Take Cinema Magazine”. He also collaborated in several initiatives of other publications and blogs spread around the corners of the national internet. During School and University, Rui hosted the amateur talk-show “A Shot in the Dark” (“Um Lance No Escuro”), which had 60 episodes recorded over 3 years (2013-2016), and which were interviewed several directors, writers, musicians, actors, and even a clown. He collaborated in other university radio shows as a speaker, criative writer and producer. Since January 2017 he presents the weekly podcast “On The Edge of the Abyss”, also an interview show that had some international guests on it, like director Fred Schepisi, actor Greg Sestero, film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum and author Antonio Altarriba. Rui still has time for other things: he did amateur theater in school and returned to it recently, he made short films and many shows as a stand up comedian, performing in portuguese and in english at various sessions in Lisbon. Rui worked on a bookshop and also was a member of the organization of the Lisbon Book Fair in 2016. After that, he worked for almost two years as the A & R Assistant of Universal Music Portugal. After that, he joined the team of a portuguese talk-show on the TV channel “RTP África”. Now, he’s working with the film production company JumpCut, from the portuguese director Miguel Gonçalves Mendes (author of the documentary “José & Pilar”, about our Literature Nobel Prize José Saramago).

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