1924:Rose Colarossi is a successful Coach and Consultant for women

Rose Colarossi

Rose Colarossi-

Rose Colarossi is a successful Coach and Consultant for women.  She is also a Multi-business Owner/Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, and – Networking Group, workshop and retreat facilitator. She is also the founder and host of an internet radio show called – Hope Through Conversations where Rose helps bring awareness to social issues. It is currently on hiatus but the Facebook Page, Hope Through Conversations is still live.

Rose Colarossi brings her knowledge and passion of over 25 years experience in business building, networking, coaching, and consulting women to fulfill her passion and purpose of empowering women quickly so they can gain results and success personally and professionally.

After incorporating a visualization technique into her practice – Rose now facilitates women in clearing issues such as anxiety, stress, worry, fear, procrastination, self-doubt, endless mind chatter, anger, bitterness, feeling “stuck”, etc. her clients began to call her their Quick SUCCESS Coach!    Unlike many coaches that work with you for several weeks and/or months, Rose works with women for 6 weeks or less and facilitates her sessions conveniently over Skype or Zoom.  She is all about speed and results.  As a Wife, Mother and Mimi, a Sunday School Teacher and an avid volunteer of Tres Dias weekends, Rose understands that “Women have no time to spare.”

Rose strategizes with her clients with regards to any issues they are experiencing and she helps them uncover whatever barriers they may have.  After a 90 minute session, her clients feel lighter, enlightened, and more aware of all that they CAN accomplish.  The results are nothing less than amazing and they last!  You can read the testimonials and watch the before and after videos on Rose’s website:  https://www.RoseColarossi.com.  Reach out to Rose for a free 15 minute chat to see if you would be eligible to work with her.  Rose only takes on a limited number of clients and in the spirit of integrity, she only takes on clients that she is confident she can deliver results.

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