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Rodolfo Carrillo


Rodolfo Carrillo (EBC Member) – Leading transformations towards Conscious Organizations and Conscious leaders through consulting, training and coaching.


Rodolfo has a very interesting and unique combination of business skills, experience and spiritual wisdom that triggers profound transformation through his work, which is motivated by his strong desire to serve others in their own personal and professional development.


As an MBA graduate, Rodolfo has been involved in business consulting and training for more than 15 years. He has also been meditating and in a spiritual path since he was 7 years old.


He has travelled and given talks and workshops throughout the world, having visited more than 30 countries and also lived abroad in the United States and Spain. This gives him a very deep cultural sensibility, which he uses as leverage in the work he does.


His mission: to contribute to the development of a more conscious society and world where people and organizations are lead by purpose and interact with compassion.

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