Robert Bear is the host of the Invention Stories Podcast.

1311:Robert Bear is the owner of and the Invention Stories Podcast.

Robert Bear

Robert Bear-

Robert Bear: I am the owner of and the Invention Stories Podcast. Our Studio is located in Morro Bay, CA.

In 2007, I invented eyewear with removable arms. I built my prototype and gave it to a local company to improve on, which they did. I performed a preliminary background check and discovered there were four other patented products, two of which were better than mine that had been patented. I wondered why I couldn’t find them on the market. I began researching the invention process and learned the success rate for inventions was less than 5%, and wondered why so many had failed.

I searched the internet for help and found companies that promised to help me without guaranteeing anything. I believe this is wrong and that inventors deserve as much help as possible…for FREE!

We created to share the journey an inventor goes on from having the idea to where they are today. We have shared the stories inventors have written and some that I have written from my interviews with them. This gave free exposure to the inventor and an insight into the invention process to the reader. Since 2011, we have posted over 300 stories. What we’ve learned from interviewing the inventors and writing their stories is that too much of the invention story is missed when you lose the inventors voice.

Beginning September 1, 2017 our format changed. We began our Monday through FridayInvention Stories Podcast of interviews with inventors. is where you can find show notes, sponsored links, and more information. You can subscribe to our daily podcast by clicking on either the link to iTunes or Stitcher. If you are an inventor who would like to be on the show, a listener who would like to give feedback, or you would like to sponsor the Invention Stories Podcast, please email us at


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