1836:Riley Evans is a writer, storyteller, and podcast producer.

1836:Riley Evans is a writer, storyteller, and podcast producer.

Riley Evans

Riley Evans-

My name is Riley Evans. I am the President and CEO of a podcast production company called REAL Podcasting, where we help businesses and individuals break into the podcasting sphere with a professional quality program from Day One.

I’ve been doing work in radio and podcasting since 2013, where I co-hosted a radio show on CKCU during my time at Carleton. I got into podcasting shortly after leaving the show, and I’ve learned a wealth of lessons through trial and error that allow me to help creators to skip much of the podcast industry’s learning curve.

I am also a PR and communications professional by education, and I frequently do communications work for my creators, as well as for other contracts. My specialties center around the use of language (both in writing and speaking/presenting) I have extensive experience in graphic design using both Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, as well as in video editing using Adobe Creative Cloud software. I currently operate using a MacBook, which is my preference, but I grew up using exclusively PCs until I started university, so I am capable on either system.

On a personal level, I was born and raised in Manotick, a small town just south of Ottawa. I grew up playing competitive rugby and terrible recreational golf, and I consider myself a fan of every sport from football to tennis. I also have a background in musical theatre, which I am an avid fan of.

You can check out REAL Podcasting at https://realpodcasting.com/.

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