1775:Richard Swan is a podcaster living in Scotland

1775:Richard Swan is a podcaster living in Scotland

Richard Swan

Richard Swan-

Richard Swan is a podcaster living in Scotland.  He initially launched as a podcaster covering the subject of football (or soccer as they only say in the states!), working with a fantastic team at Hail Hail Media who took their shows to over 1 million listeners in under 12 months. http://www.hailhailmedia.com
Richard’s business obsession with property investing and education has recently taken him to be the host of This Week In Property, a highly successful show that interviews the top UK property professionals, and educates tens of thousands of listeners in all areas of the industry.
Richard is also an author, having published a children’s book and a novel as passion projects on the side of his professional career.
But the cherry on all of the different professional and personal cakes in Richard’s life, is that he’s a proud and grateful father of 3 young, wonderful daughters.

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