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Richard Haasnoot-

Richard is the Founder and Head Coach of Innovate2Grow Experts

i2Ge is a highly innovative company helping clients invent major new products and services and with the early commercialization steps. We promise clients twice the results in half the half the cost.

He is the Founder and CEO of Blue Sage Creative / bluesagecreative.com. Blue Sage Creative delivers Fresh Thinking, Inspired Designs, and consistently Exceeds Expectations

Our team of 15+ world class designers, project managers, account managers, and creative director deliver graphic designs that become your competitive advantages, helping you to WIN. In addition, we are the only graphic design company with the 100% Promise: 100% of Projects Delivered on Time and On Budget. We have years of design successes across many types of B2B and B2C businesses.

Founder of Wisdom Inspired Life / wisdominspiredlife.com. wisdominspiredlife.com is the home of the Wisdom Inspired Life podcast–sharing wisdom teaching.

He is also a Professor at Arizona State University

Taught upper level global management courses plus upper level marketing, company culture and innovation courses. Students ranked me in the top 5%.

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