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Rich Cardona

Rich Cardona is a retired Marine Corps aviator. When he retired at 34 he had spent exactly HALF of his life in the service. A 1st generation American, got his MBA because he felt like he had to. It landed him at job at Amazon in operations. He used NOTHING from his MBA and while he loved leading associates and managers he hated where he was.
So in 2018, at 38 years old, he quit. He and his family moved into his in-laws basement. He began to pursue “something” media related. After a lot of trail and error he started a media company and docuseries interviewing C-Suite execs, entrepreneurs, and veterans. The show is called Flashpoint.
He has a podcast, blog, website, and growing his social media little by little. Oh… he is LOVING LIFE!!!!
IG: flybysmedia
FB: Flybysmedia
YT: Rich Cardona

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