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Rev Don Armstead

Rev Don Armstead-

Faith Leader, Missionary, Entrepreneur, Musician/Psalmist, Artist, Civic Leader, Community Organizer, Social Engineer and T.V. Personality are just a few of the titles and honors bestowed upon Rev Don Armstead; however, dearest of all is to be called a child of God.

With his ministry calling based upon the book of Isaiah 49:1-3, Minister Armstead has surrendered to the diversity of God’s design for his life.  Beginning his licensed ministry in 1989 at New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church of Chicago, Illinois, under the pastorate of Rev. Dr. Stephen J. Thurston II, Rev. Don has journeyed through various ministry anointings.  Embracing God’s call, he has experienced a variety of ministries many clergy don’t have opportunity to labor in.  His experience ranges from preaching, teaching, music and deliverance, to focusing on children, young adult, singles, homeless, prison, nursing home and multimedia ministries. 

A Lubbock native, celebrating over 25 years of ministry, Minister Don Armstead returned home in 1997 and labored beside his father, the late Rev. Dr. Leon Armstead, who pastored Greater St. Mark Baptist Church for 32 years.  There, Rev Don Armstead continues to provide leadership as Overseeing Pastor, serving as Director of Worship, Administration and Education as well as Minister of Music.

Although he has a unique depth of ministry experience, Rev. Armstead cherishes his early years at Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church of Slaton, TX, under the pastorate of Rev. C. C. Peoples, Sr..  Experiencing an explosive birth in ministry under Pastor Peoples, and celebrated by his late father, Rev. Armstead continues to revisit his humble beginnings.  He acknowledges his accountability and covering to be Pastor Peoples, his spiritual father.

A former student at Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, IL, Mississippi Valley State University and Texas Tech University, Rev. Armstead has had the opportunity to minister in word and song in other churches across the nation, including Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church (Chicago) founded by the legendary Rev Dr. Clay Evans, and Trinity United Church of Christ under the pastorate of Dr. Jeremiah Wright.

Submitting to God’s call to reestablish ministry in the west Texas area, Rev. Armstead continues to serve as needed at Greater St. Mark, where his sister, Rev. Venus M. Smitherman, serves as Pastor.  God is continuing to use Rev. Don W. Armstead as a vessel for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.  With an anointing for ushering in the Presence of Almighty God, prepare your hearts for a divine encounter with God. 

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