1023:Renee Vidor is a coach, speaker, and founder of “Simply Enrich, LLC.”


Renee Vidor-

Renee Vidor is a coach, speaker, and founder of “Simply Enrich, LLC.” Her mission is to help those who are ‘stuck’ or enslaved by something that is holding them back to gain freedom and live an enriched life resulting in implementing their purpose and passion. She does this through one-on-one appointments as well as group settings. Renee lives in the Columbus, Ohio area and enjoys being very connected and serving in the community. One of her main focuses is an event that she began 7 years ago called “The Treasure Swap”. This is a women’s clothing swap, but it’s become so much more! For the past 3 years, this has merged into a large public and it continues to grow. The metaphor of going through our closets and ridding out items that we don’t wear, like, or doesn’t fit us and swapping out for other items that do goes along with raising awareness of how each of us need to ‘clean our closets of life’ and identify what we need to get rid of and ‘swap out’ for something else that better suits who we want to be.


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