1943:Raulvin Coke, Thought Leadership Brand Strategist working with...

1943:Raulvin Coke, Thought Leadership Brand Strategist working with Chief Executives, Entrepreneurs & Careers Seekers

Raulvin Coke

Raulvin Coke-

Who is Raulvin Coke? Raulvin Coke is a passionate Millennial Social Entrepreneur with a mission to help alleviate physical and mental poverty and increase entrepreneurship for blacks across the globe. He provides customized coaching and training for C-Suite Executives and Entrepreneurs to position their business brands or personal brands as the go-to Authority & Experts within the market place.

Raulvin is an Amazon Best-Selling Author, speaker, and Thought Leader on Lifestyle Entrepreneurship with over 50K+ world-wide followers online. FOUNDER & CEO He serves as the Founder & CEO of Brand Alkemy Media also known as B.A.M, a New Jersey based consulting Influencer Marketing Agency. The firm specializes in helping businesses of all sizes leverage social media & digital content marketing strategies to increase their personal brand exposure to their target audience. We increase the bottom-line of their business through lead generation & sales utilizing paid ads and content marketing. We work primarily with women and minority owned businesses. FORTUNE 500 LEADERSHIP Raulvin has worked as a technologist for over a decade in Senior IT Business Analyst & Software Engineering Leadership roles for Fortune 500 corporations such as Oracle, Comcast, Eli Lilly, BB&T Bank, Mediabrix, Scroll Motion and NBC Universal.

VIP AMBASSADOR Raulvin recently served as a VIP Ambassador to Daymond John, CEO and Founder of Fubu, and ABC’s Shark Tank co-host, for his new book “Rise and Grind.” Daymond recognized, Raulvin for being a key contributor for pushing the book to the New York Times Best Sellers List by leveraging his social media Influence and digital strategy. EDUCATION In 2017, Rutgers University New Brunswick, nominated Raulvin to become a founding member of their Design Thinking Advisory Board for the Rutgers University Center for Innovation Education. He holds dual bachelor degrees from Rutgers University in Labor Relations and Consumer Psychology and is also certified from Ivy League Universities such as; – University of Maryland: Entrepreneurship: Launching an Innovative Business – MIT Entrepreneurship: Who is Your Customer? – UPenn: Introduction to Marketing PODCAST He is also the host of the popular itunes podcast “Adventures in Life Design”, where he interviews and deconstructs the practical and mental success routines and strategies of today’s modern thought leaders, celebrities, and, Digital Lifestyle entrepreneurs about their journey to success which motives and empower aspiring Millennial Entrepreneurs on how to create a digital Lifestyle business. GLOBAL CONNECTOR In line with his mission to create a global tidal wave of entrepreneurship and empowerment. Raulvin has partnered with close to 30 other global Entrepreneurs from countries such as China, Kenya, United Kingdom and Morocco for a Free virtual summit he calls the (i3) Impact, Influence and Income World Summit coming in May 2018. Raulvin is married to his high-school sweetheart Shea, they are both co-founders of the largest family convention in the United States “FamilyCon.” They have two sons, Chace and Sage and dog by the name of Gizmo.

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