Rajendra Pattel is the Founder of RP Research Institute /Ep2299

Rajendra Pattel is the Founder of RP Research Institute /Ep2299


Rajendra Pattel

Over 15 years of consultative experience in identifying, creating and executing strategies that help non-profit organisations to expand, diversify and move into new spaces, adapt, and innovate.


Research in creating solutions on human to human engagements.


Add ‘value’ in creating a ‘conscious progressive OR towards state’ within individuals.

Research: BooksUnderPublication

True_ Optimism_In_India – 75 Years study on human to human engagement

Break_The_Barrier – Soft Skill Intervention from UG – PG Generic Model

Industry Exposure:

Training & Consulting, Healthcare, FMCG

Corporate Exposure:

Education, SME, Amway India, Johnson & Johnson, Baxter

International Assignment:

Melbourne, Singapore, Dubai

Profile Skill Strengths:

Creative, Social, Enterprising

Domain Strengths:

Consultative sales, Training & consulting, Learning & development, Assessments, Client relationship management, Project management, Events, People management, Channel sales management, Distributor relationship, Marketing, Key account management.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/rajendrapatel3

Twitter: RPGratitude