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Rachel Brownlow Lund

Rachel Brownlow Lund empowers ambitious millennial women to become well-connected influencers and create incredible lives of impact. A passionate communicator and leadership coach, Rachel helps young women overcome feelings of comparisonitis and self-doubt to become confident, career-savvy changemakers who work, play and lead in their zone of genius.

Through coaching, public speaking and workshops, she has helped hundreds of millennials clarify their vision and direction; strategically grow their businesses and personal brands; and effectively position themselves for lucrative career advancement opportunities that moved the needle forward.

Her work as a millennial women’s leadership and empowerment coach has been featured in publications like Austin Business JournalIdealist Careers and Just a Girl in This World as well as on stage at Girl Power Hour, Young Women’s Alliance, Empowering a Billion Women by 2020, the I AM Becoming Retreat and more.

In 2018, Austin Business Journal named Rachel the Profiles in Power Rising Star award winner, an award given each year to one Austin-area woman of impact and influence under the age of 30 who has excelled in her career and outside community leadership.

Rachel received her undergraduate degree from UT Austin and has a background in content creation and entrepreneurship. Prior to taking Me2Lead full time, she oversaw Hill Country View Magazine as editor-in-chief; founded Scene in Austin, a comic book style publication; and helped launch Bliss Bridal Magazine as chief editor. She also founded and ran Your Written Word LLC, a ghostwriting company that, for nearly a decade, helped business owners position themselves as industry experts.

In her free time, Rachel volunteers with Seedling, New Leaders Council, SLA Foundation, Young Women’s Alliance and Impact Austin and is a member of Ellevate Network, Society of Women Entrepreneurs and Polka Dot Powerhouse. For more information, visit me2lead.com or contact Rachel at rachel@me2lead.com.

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