Purvi Tantia Lifelong Learning Enthusiast & Facilitator of learning for both University Education & Self Education Enthusiasts /Ep2720

Purvi Tantia: I help 2 types of learners:

1) Education Seekers or Lifelong learning enthusiasts

Q: How I help them ?
Ans: Since the start of my career in 2009, at ACE Overseas Education Consultants, I have been helping students become global citizens by helping them choose and decide on higher education options outside their own country.

University admission success case studies include students who have secured admissions at universities around the globe in 17 countries.

Online admission success case studies include 30+ year young students (Yes! I was told by Brigadier Sushil Bhasin -an amazing friend, who says, we should always say how young we are and not how old we are!) who have secured seats in online courses (specifically chosen for them from courses of universities like MIT or Harvard, and from courses of teachers who have their own online school like Tony Robbins or Brendon Burchard). This online course admission assistance is usually for mid-aged professionals or business professionals who want to fast track their growth and success, and understand the importance of learning from those who have already achieved the growth they want to achieve.

Then, as far as the second type of people are considered, it is actually a sub-set of the first type of people I help

2) Women in Business – Especially in coaching, consulting or speaking business (aka Wisdom Business Professionals)

Q: How I help them?
Ans: Since the start of 2020, at MindWaves Business School, I added responsibility to my charter, to help women in business become global citizens by helping them get more international clients through my online summits and online courses.


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