1973:Peter Jumrukovski, World medalist, Author and Public Speaker

1973:Peter Jumrukovski, World medalist, Author and Public Speaker

Peter Jumrukovski

Peter Jumrukovski-

My name is Peter Jumrukovski, World medalistAuthor and Public Speaker. On The I Love Success Podcast I meet the coolest and most successful people on the planet and share their stories. I have already had guests such as Olympic Medalists, UFC Champions, Guinness World Record Holders, Astronauts, successful entrepreneurs, a 9/11 survivor, and many more.


I have always been the underdog that refused to give up.

  • In middle school I was overweight and had no friends – so I found my strength in Karate.
  • In high school I couldn’t attract the girls – so I decided to develop myself.
  • In karate I had no talent – so I decided to train harder than the rest and after 20 years of training I became a World Medalist.
  • Just weeks after I became a World Medalist I got fired from my job – so I decided to write books, lecture and develop I Love Success
  • The original manuscript for The Goal Book was turned down over ten times – but I never gave up and 18 months after writing my book it finally got published and The Goal Book is now one of the most sold self development books in Sweden. After that I have written two more books and I am currently working on my fourth book. 

“Peter want to become an actor like Van Damme”, was the first thing that was written about me after winning my first competition in Sweden. 15 years later my dream of Los Angeles became reality. I am now a lecturer, coach, author and the host och The I Love Success Podcast.

If a regular guy like me can succeed, so can you!

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