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How conversations affected me personally?



If I had to sum it up in one word I'd use enlightenment. However it took several mentionable parts to create this whole.

These are three ways in which I have improved.




Knowing that my mortality is accompanied by days that are finite brings a greater appreciation for life. 



Self Journal

Capturing these conversations over the years has unexpectedly served as an audio journal of insight. The easy playback is remarkable. 



Mind Expansion

My mind has been stretched by the quantity and quality of conversations I've had. It could never go back to its old dimension. I am better for it. 

Mary Lunnen Business Owner

I loved the idea of 'virtually travelling' to Engel's magical home in the Caribbean.

Speaking to Engel for two podcasts now, with some extra conversations in between, have brought me new insights into my own life and work, and given me other ways of communicating with my own audience.

Juggling time zones can be a challenge, but it didn't stop me.

I would absolutely recommend a friend to join Engel. He will settle any nerves and the whole process is easy and smooth.

Robert Rice Interviewee

The first conversation was a nice way to talk about what my goals are and what I'm doing with my life. The second conversation brought a whole new level of value, because Engel remembered everything I had said and really encouraged reflection on my growth. It was nice to take a moment to take a step back and look at things.

He truly does not judge and appreciates everyone for who they are.

It's a fun, friendly conversation and a great way to talk about life, career, etc... in a judgement-free zone.


Engel is a brilliant empath and I relate with that level of understanding.

Pardon me if this statement is perceived as glib, however, it felt and feels to me that I made a friend. I take this as serious as my written words here and as evident in our conversation. That is respect. It is an example for billions of people who are struggling to find their way.

The conversation felt to me that it was a conversation with a friend. Not all conversations sound and/or feel and/or are heard the same. There are reasons why this is and people who seek out truth connections and true connections, can look at Engel as example of a human who wants to help you illuminate your heart light; and as in all effective conversations, it takes two.


Accountability Consistency,
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