1086:Peggy  Hallisy is the founder of Empowering Environments

1086:Peggy  Hallisy is the founder of Empowering Environments


Peggy Hallisy-

Peggy  Hallisy is the founder of Empowering Environments and helps individuals improve the quality of their life thru environmental changes.  Where you live, where you work, your belongings or health challenges, clearing these energetically often improves one’s well-being, vitality and relationships.

Peggy is an Energy Practitioner and certified BioGeometry EHS Practitioner with a dynamic education and background that includes traditional education and work experience enhanced with esoteric studies and practices. Peggy accesses a diverse knowledge and tool base to match solutions to the issue, challenge, and imbalance.

What can benefit from an energy clearing?  Almost everything:  houses for sale – or newly purchased, antiques, jewelry or garage-sale-finds, land where violence took place, or areas of geopathic stress, also psychic or supernatural energies will benefit; and spaces where illness, arguments or death occurred can definitely be improved.  Services are provided on-site or remotely. EmpoweringEnvironments.org

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