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  • Paul Adams helps clients define their FINANCIAL GOALS then developing UNIQUE, tailored STRATEGIES to reach them /Ep2645

Paul Adams-

As CEO and founder of Sound Financial Group Paul leads a team of financial professionals dedicated to helping clients define their financial goals then developing unique, tailored strategies to reach them. Paul tells his clients often that they should always make their financial decisions based upon indisputable math and independent scholarship, not based on media hype, hearsay, or trend.

In addition to his specialized financial coaching, Paul is an accomplished speaker, conference panelist and author who has published two essential financial guides – Stop Burning Your Money; and Sound Financial Advice. He has been interviewed by Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc. magazines to share his knowledge and passion for helping his clients maintain healthy balance sheets and better steward their finances. He also shares his knowledge as co-host of the long running, Your Business, Your Wealth podcast with over 130 episodes.

Paul lives in Everett, Washington with his wife, Kristen, and their three children – Andrew, Reagan and Vivian. He enjoys traveling, hiking and continuing his personal and professional education. One of his great pleasures in life is spending time outdoors with his family, for example, in 2017 he took his family on a total 83 nights of camping including a 40 day RV trip to Wyoming and on June 1, 2020 he leaves on a 13 month long RV trip with his family across the United States and Alaska.


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