1937:Patty Dominguez, Business Growth Strategy | Digital Marketing | ...

1937:Patty Dominguez, Business Growth Strategy | Digital Marketing | Funnel Marketing | Speaker / Mentor

Patty Dominguez

Patty Dominguez-

Hello, I am Patty Dominguez.


I’m an enthusiastic seasoned professional with a successful track record and expertise in business strategy, coaching and consulting.

I have worked with Fortune 50 to startups to helping solopreneurs build a footprint online and offline.

Whether it’s helping my clients craft their unique brand story and “zag” while everyone else is zigging or helping them automate to scale their business, building a strategic foundation is essential to build a profitable, relevant and meaningful business.

How can I help you?

Quite often I hear, “Marketing is so confusing…” I get it, but the truth we can’t afford to ignore it. Especially, where best practices in marketing have an online component and that’s just growing every day…

If you are seeking guidance with any/all of the following, Let’s connect::

✔ Business Growth Strategy
✔ Branding / Re-Branding
✔ Online Marketing / Digital Marketing Strategy
✔ PPC, Online Ads
✔ Funnel Marketing
✔ Go to Market Strategy
✔ Onsite Training
✔ Keynote Speaking


I am a Business Growth Strategist, bringing my long tenure of Fortune 50 and Consulting experience, having managed just under a billion USD in spend over my twenty years in Corporate, bringing you strategies that work.

I am passionate and driven to inspire my clients to discover their uniqueness in the marketplace, leverage strategies for their business growth so they can establish a strong value proposition, increased revenues and better position in their niche.


Coachable forward-thinking business owners & entrepreneurs
and the SMB market ($5mm+ revenues), who are looking to leverage digital marketing for business growth.

You can find me over at http://pattydominguez.com
Schedule a virtual coffee chat with me at patty(@)pattydominguez.com
Looking forward to hearing from you!

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