Pam Masters Nonprofit consultant, Radio show host,  Volunteer...)

921:Pam Masters is a Nonprofit consultant, Radio show host


Pam Masters-

Pam Masters is a Nonprofit consultant, Radio show host,  Volunteer Coordinator-Mission Hospice

Contact Cell 817-487-3279 Office 817-517-7336 ext 1022

“A little about me”

I am 53 (you don’t have to tell them that LOL)!  I am the proud mom of five grown kids, and a Gimmee’ to two amazing seven year old granddaughters.  I have a blog that I worked on to move past the end of my marriage.  Using writing to validate and move past the issues that were the leftovers of the relationship.  I have built a life that is love based and honesty driven.  I work from a place of peace and grace because I have removed drama and no longer attract it.

I am a heart driven, hard working person who enjoys being a part of this amazing community.  I love animals, volunteering (I help all over the place when I can) and am a perpetual learner( nice way to say I am nosey and have to know everything).

Some other fun facts about me:

  • Host of JoCo Community Radio (about to start season 3)
  • Group director Resource Network of Johnson County
  • Community Coordinator Mental Health Community Connection
  • Board member of the United Way of Johnson County
  • Author—currently writing four books
  • Blogger—Blog~erapy –using writing as therapy
  • Public Speaker including a TEDx event
  • Trainer for Police Academies—Best practices for serving individuals in the IDD community
  • Board member for the Regional Police Academy Board
  • Youth mental health first aid trainer
  • Non violent crisis intervention trainer
  • Graduate of Leadership Academy through SAMSHA
  • Grant writer, nonprofit consultant, fundraiser, event planner

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