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  • 628:Pam Bayne is working on her first book and creating an online investors support group.

Pam Bayne-

Pam Bayne, Originally from New Zealand, and been fortunate to live or work in many beautiful locations around the world.  She currently lives in Canada, near the Rockies.

After having a varied carried working for others she be came a entrepreneur & investor.

Currently she is working on her first book and creating an online investors support group.  You can find more information of what’s she creating at: SistersOfTheHeartCreatingCommunity/

I’ve been a member of the Evolutionary Business Institute since 2013 and love the community it provides for emerging thought leaders

Pam brings her years of experience, sense of humour & passion to all her endeavours!

Pam is the founding President of the Calgary Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce and is currently assisting the current President of the Chapter.

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Musical Background: ‘TAKE THE CHANCE’ by Nicolai Heidlas

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